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A Big Day for Lucid Meetings

Last year, John Keith, one of the founders of Cloud Four, started a side venture called Lucid Meeting. John doesn’t like Lucid Meetings to impinge on Cloud Four which is why you haven’t heard much about it on… More

We’re Hiring for a Mobile Developer

Are you emphatically excited about mobile technology? Do you build iPhone apps in your spare time? Not sure if Androids dream of electronic sheep, but you’re working on an HTML5-based app that will answer the question definitively? We’re looking for… More

iPhone’s Magical Volume Buttons

We recently did some work on a project that included a lot of technology that pushed the boundaries of what is possible in mobile browsers. We learned a lot in the process including some surprisingly simple things that everyone takes… More

Busy Summer!

We have been extraordinarily busy this summer, doing a lot of really cool things. With some luck we’ll find a little time to poke our heads up and write about some of them! Stay tuned 🙂… More

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