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Our Approach

We believe the web can provide fast, compelling, and inclusive experiences, and we’ve set out to prove it.

We view our role as bigger than the output of our work. We believe a small company like ours can have an outsized impact on the world and our customers.

We’re constantly looking for ways we can make the web better. And we use what we learn to help our customers build better web experiences.

We Share What We Learn

Recounting lessons learned for clients and the greater web community is a core part of what we do. Nearly every project we do includes some sort of training or education component.

We even flip the typical staffing model on its head by having client designers and developers embed with us for a period of time, so we can bring them up to speed on the work that we are doing.

We’re Intense Collaborators

After an initial discovery process, many agencies retreat to their offices only to emerge weeks later to present “the solution”. These big reveals only work on TV.

We take the opposite approach. We share our work and solicit feedback multiple times per day. We sketch, design and code quickly so we can iterate on ideas and find the best ones.

It’s not like you gather client requirements, go away and make something, then come back and ask for feedback. It’s constant iteration, constantly involving the client.

Michael Hallinan, Treasure Coast Hospice

Design Sprints and Agile Development

We’ve ditched the traditional waterfall design process of wireframes and Photoshop mockups. Responsive web design makes that process obsolete—imagine how many wireframes and comps you need to cover all the screen sizes now available.

Instead, we believe in responsive design sprints. We break design problems into smaller patterns. We sketch mobile-first versions of those patterns. Then we quickly move into code and design in the browser.

Our Designers Code, Our Developers Design

Our sprint-based process works because we’re full of what our industry considers unicorns. Our designers write code. Our developers went to art school.

We didn’t set out to become a unicorn safe haven, but we’re happy it happened. Our team’s unique combination of skills is what enables us to do great work for our clients.

Giving Back

We pride ourselves on giving back locally and to the greater web community. Here are some of places where we’ve contributed: