Treasure Coast Hospice

Pattern library, responsive web design, WordPress development, UI and UX design

Treasure Coast had recently completed a rebranding exercise, but the new brand had yet to be applied to the site. The old site was also fixed-width and they wanted to move to a responsive design.While those were the main motivations for the work, there were several other improvements that Treasure Coast desired including improving content structure and making the site easier to update.

Treasure Coast brought together a team consisting of internal staff, an expert content strategist, a donor management specialist, and Cloud Four to work on the new site.

We focused on translating the new brand into a website design. We created a responsive pattern library starting with type and working its way up to full pages.

After the pattern library was completed, we converted the designs into a WordPress theme and ensured that the appropriate Treasure Coast staff were trained and comfortable with maintaining the site.

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