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Written by Jason Grigsby on

I’m embarrassed to admit it. I screwed up and if you tried to contact us over the last few months, there is a chance your message didn’t get through.

Specifically, messages sent via the contact form on our site weren’t always reaching us.

In case this saves anyone else from making the same mistake, here’s what happened. We switched our mail to Google. Instead of having an email alias, we had to use a Google Group.

Everything seemed fine for a few months, but then at some point Google Groups decided contact form submissions were spam. And we didn’t have any moderators for the group.

I set up the Google Group so I must have screwed it up. Because things worked great for several months, we don’t know when the problem started and how many messages were missed.

The most painful part about screwing up something like this is that there is no way to know who you need to apologize to.

So if you tried to contact us and didn’t hear back, I’m very sorry. The contact form is fixed now. We’d love to hear from you.

Jason Grigsby

Jason Grigsby is one of the co-founders of Cloud Four, Mobile Portland and Responsive Field Day. He is the author of Progressive Web Apps from A Book Apart. Follow him at @grigs.

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That’s why it’s a good idea to also save a copy of the submitted form in wordpress. Many things can go wrong with emails being rejected/filtered for various reasons/carelessly deleted or overlooked. Besides, it’s always good to save important data in more than one place (and contact forms are definitely one of the most important…)

@Moshe We don’t use WordPress for our contact form, but over the holiday weekend I did put some failure protection in place (including putting the data in at least one extra place) that I hope will keep us out of trouble even if our Google Groups email situation doesn’t die down!

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