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In 2000, Jason Grigsby got his first mobile phone. He became obsessed with how the world could be a better place if everyone had access to the world’s information in their pockets. When his soon-to-be-wife met him, he had covered the walls of his apartment with crazy mobile dreams. To this day, he remains baffled that she married him.

Those mobile dreams hit the hard wall of reality: WAP was crap. So Jason went to work on the web until 2007, when the iPhone made it clear the time was right. He joined forces with the three smartest people he knew and started Cloud Four.

He is the author of Progressive Web Apps from A Book Apart and co-author of Head First Mobile Web from O'Reilly. His writing and work helped define the new web standards for responsive images.

He was the founder and president of Mobile Portland, a local nonprofit dedicated to promoting the mobile community where he started the first community device lab. There are now over 150 device labs in the world.

Since co-founding Cloud Four, he has had the good fortune to work on many fantastic projects, including the Obama iPhone App and Walmart's responsive design. Jason is a sought‐after speaker and consultant on web technology and mobile.

Latest Articles

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I recently found myself racing to fill out Chipotle’s online order form before my mother could find her credit card. In the process, I discovered a bug that could cost Chipotle $4.4 million annually. My parents are retired. They continue…

Progressive Web Apps Book Now Available!

The book I spent the last year of my life working on is finally out. It’s called Progressive Web Apps and it is available in paperback and ebook formats. I wrote the book for teams grappling with what progressive…

Announcing Progressive Web Apps from A Book Apart

I set out to write a book that answered the questions of why you should build a progressive web app, what your progressive web app should do, and how to put together a roadmap for building it. You can…

Time to Update Your Permissions UX

Google launched a big change to its permissions modal design with Chrome 63 in early December. I don’t think these changes have garnered enough attention in the web community. You may want to make some changes to your website quickly.

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