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iOS doesn’t support Progressive Web Apps, so what?

One common argument for why organizations aren’t investing in Progressive Web Apps is that iOS doesn’t support them. Hogwash. Here’s why organizations should invest in Progressive Web Apps regardless. Source: Pixabay Progressive Web Apps still work on iOS Just… More

Measuring The Washington Post’s Progressive Web App

Yesterday, I examined how The Washington Post’s Progressive Web App performs on iOS. Today, I want to take a look behind the scenes on the difficulties I had conducting that analysis. Instrumenting The Washington Post Often when organizations make… More

ALA: Adapting to Input

Today, A List Apart published a little something I wrote entitled Adapting to Input. It is truly an honor to be an author for such an esteemed publication…… More

Four Truths About Input

Here are four truths about input that have changed the way I look at the web. 1. Input is exploding The last decade has seen an explosion of new types of input. The pace of input innovation is like nothing… More

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