A Big Day for Lucid Meetings

Written by Jason Grigsby on

Last year, John Keith, one of the founders of Cloud Four, started a side venture called Lucid Meeting. John doesn’t like Lucid Meetings to impinge on Cloud Four which is why you haven’t heard much about it on our blog. It is also the reason why I’m writing this post without his knowledge (sorry John!).

John and his co-founders at Lucid Meetings set out to make meetings that don’t suck. We’ve complained for years about rudderless meetings with no agenda, no leader and no follow up.

They decided to do something about it.

So Lucid Meetings started out focused on providing a way for people to set agendas, focus meetings, and take action items out of the meeting. Over the last year, it has grown into much more than that including:

  • Meeting minutes
  • Screen sharing and pdf presentations
  • Time tracking to keep people on task
  • Voting on motions and recording of decisions
  • Integrated conference calling

It is the last one that they’ve made big improvements on today. They’ve just shipped:

  • Free toll calling for every room up to 50 participants
  • Volume discounts for businesses that want to switch over

Those may not seem like a big deal on the surface, but the changes are huge because the combined solution is better than current web sharing and collaboration software at a price that is significantly cheaper.

Basically, you get something better and save money. Pretty much a no brainer if you’re doing any web conferencing or running remote meetings. Check it out.

What’s even more exciting for me is that all of this has been built by a small team with hard work and passion. They’ve had no outside investment. And they’ve built something that I think will have a big impact.

I’m very excited by what they’ve done thus far and what they’ve got planned on their roadmap. Congratulations to John and the Lucid Meetings team!

Jason Grigsby

Jason Grigsby is one of the co-founders of Cloud Four, Mobile Portland and Responsive Field Day. He is the author of Progressive Web Apps from A Book Apart. Follow him at @grigs.

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Thanks, Jason 🙂

As you said, Lucid Meetings is a small team, but it’s amazing what you can do with the right technology partners and some whip smart people.

As you can imagine from the Cloud Four angle, we have a lot more in mind vis-a-vis mobile (for all *that* means these days). To say I’ve been following this whole responsive design discussion with keen interest would be an incredible understatement! There are so many cool things to do – just need a few more hours in the day and we’ll be all over them.

– John

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