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Google Argues for Mobile Web

At the recent MobileBeat Conference, Google VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra told the audience that the Mobile Web will be the larger portion of mobile application development in the long run instead of native applications. More

Welcome, Megan!

We're excited to welcome Megan Notarte (@megnotarte) to Cloud Four. We think she's going to contribute a lot to our company right away, but we also expect her to help shape what comes next for Cloud Four. More

Reminder: Mobile Portland Tonight

Tonight’s topic is “Building an iPhone Business: A Look Back to Look Ahead” by Elia Freedman (Infinity Softworks). For more details see the Mobile Portland site at Hope to see you there!… More

iPhone App Store Gold Rush

How do you know when a gold rush is happening? I’m sure economists have scientific measures, but I prefer to use my dinner party test. During the boom days of the Internet, I hated telling people what I did at… More

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