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Welcome, Megan!

By Jason Grigsby

Published on July 6th, 2009


We’re excited to welcome Megan Notarte (@megnotarte) to Cloud Four. Megan has extensive experience as both a project manager and developer, most recently as the IT Manager at Oregon Real Estate Forms.

Megan will be helping us mostly in a project management role, but we will be putting her development skills through the paces, too.

We feel fortunate to be growing during these challenging economic times–and we feel particularly lucky to have someone of Megan’s caliber joining us. We think she’s going to contribute a lot to our company right away, but we also expect her to help shape what comes next for Cloud Four.

Cloud Five?

During the hiring process, the most common question we got asked was whether or not we would change our name to Cloud Five.

The simple answer is no.

We picked Cloud Four not because of the four founders, but instead because we wanted a name that represented our values and our roots.

We wanted a name that conveyed transparency and openness. A cloud has those characteristics while also being something with substance. And as Portlanders, we see our fair share of clouds.

Those values and characteristics are not changing as we grow. The qualities of the name that originally appealed to us remain true no matter how many people we have in the company.

We’re excited about what comes next and we’re very happy to have Megan as part of our team.