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Portland’s Mobile Developers, Cloud Four Featured in Oregon Business Magazine

By Jason Grigsby

Published on July 30th, 2009


This month’s issue of Oregon Business magazine has a feature story on Portland’s burgeoning mobile scene. We’re pleased that both Cloud Four and Mobile Portland are both mentioned prominently in the article.

Jason Grigsby, Cloud Four; Jon Maroney, Handmark; and Andrew Stern, Stumptown Games

One of the angles that Adrianne, the article’s author, explored was whether or not Portland had a reasonable claim to be a hub of mobile activity. This is something that Rick Turoczy has asserted many times.

When I first started talking to Adrianne about this idea, I was very resistant to it. Yet time after time we’d talk about a particular mobile topic and then we’d find someone in the area working in that space.

I was particularly happy when we got an opportunity to do a photo shoot with Jon Maroney of Handmark (formerly Free Range) and Andrew Stern of Stumptown Games. My conversation with Jon after a Portland Ad Federation event was one of the spurs to get Mobile Portland started. It was a blast seeing Apple feature Andrew’s game at the WWDC’s keynote.

Both Andrew and Jon work in our building. AboutUs is also in the same building, and they play host to Mobile Portland meetings.

By the end of the interviews with Adrianne, I had become a convert about mobile in Portland. We’ve got something special going here. And I’m pleased to realize not only that, but that the businesses in our building play a central role in that community.