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“The Mobile Omnivore”: A Webcast on O’Reilly

Tomorrow (Tuesday, April 3, 2012) at 10AM Pacific, Jason and I will be presenting “The Mobile Omnivore: A Taste Test of Mobile Website Development” on O’Reilly. The 60-minute webcast will include a 35-minute (ish) presentation, followed by audience Q&A. More

The EMs have it: Proportional Media Queries FTW!

Hay, I wrote this in 2012! I still like the notion of the metaphorical connection between content-based sizing units (e.g. ems) and layout definitions (e.g. breakpoints). And the zooming behavior cited here was always meant more as a sidelong example… More

Taking “Content First” Very Seriously

The new site stretches content-first thinking to its academic extremes Whereas my personal theme for the second half of 2011 was about letting content go, 2012 seems to be the year I obsess about content: what is… More

Presentation: Mobile Web on Drupal!

Hi, everybody! Last night I gave a presentation to the Portland, Ore., Drupal Users Group (PDXDUG) about the vast topic of the mobile Web on Drupal. There's a whole lot crammed into this 94-slide deck (and I delivered it in… More

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