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Presentation: Mobile Web on Drupal!

By Lyza Gardner

Published on January 13th, 2011


Hi, everybody! Last night I gave a presentation to the Portland, Ore., Drupal Users Group (PDXDUG) about the vast topic of the mobile Web on Drupal. There’s a whole lot crammed into this 94-slide deck (and I delivered it in 45 minutes—whew!), and some of it will be old hat to mobile Web folks.

General contents:

  • Overview of current leading Mobile Web development philosophies
  • The chaotic reality
  • A couple of core tenets I try to stick to
  • Drupal for mobile: the good and the bad
  • Some early 3rd-party Drupal mobile modules
  • Code: Framing out our own hypothetical mobile Web module to detect devices, theme-switch, etc.
  • Where to from here/further reading


Ran said:

Thanks for the presentation Lyza Great Job! i can not believe these meetings are free. Have You used Sencha Touch? if so any thoughts good or bad. And You said the main platforms are safari and webkit what is the windows phone using i can not imagine them using either of those.

Thanks again for the presentation.

Ran said:

i know Your busy but thought I would throw this out there. 3 reasons why not to redirect mobile phones to there own page. i really have no idea why sites like google and others use mobile phone redirect over .mobi other then they want to show off there coding skills? One what if a mobile phone wants to see the desk top page they can not because You always get redirected and sure You can do a bunch more coding to work around this. Two You get more search engine accepted SEO with a .com and a .mobi without being labeled a “shadow domain”. And three search engines are working franticly to change there algorithm to find mobile phone pages for mobile phones.


Tom said:


Great presentation!

Just wanted to give some extra info on Mobile Tools.

– There is indeed a lot of stuff, in in many cases you can do with less…
– In case you want more device information out of Mobile Tools, you can use WURFL to get all device details. See

I am open to all suggestions to make Mobile Tools better to fit your needs 🙂