Articles by Lyza Gardner

Responsive Field Day Speakers, Tickets and Community

Late spring. We are now officially entering the marvelous season in Portland. That means gorgeous weather and cheerful citizens from now well into October. This part of the year is why everyone wants to be here. Let’s forget about the… More

Beyond “Hello, World” with Gulp

(This post is for: web developers who have used, or thought about using, a build tool before, are JS-comfy and maybe have noodled around in node.js but wouldn’t, say, feel up to submitting a talk to a node conference.) It… More

Behavioral Breakpoints: Beyond Media Queries

Recently, Cloud Four dev Matt Gifford built a slick, responsive off-canvas navigation enhancement for a project (we’ll be releasing the core code shortly, so keep an eye out for Matt’s post about that!). The project followed the off-canvas menu… More

We’re Hiring! Front end developer with strong JS skills

We’re growing! We’re searching for an enthusiastic and talented JavaScript and front-end developer to join our team. We’re looking for someone who is crackerjack at JavaScript and the other building blocks of complex HTML5 apps—of course!—but who isn’t scared… More

A List Apart: Vexing Viewports

A quick, pre-holiday post to mention with excitement the publishing of “Vexing Viewports“, an article on A List Apart that I co-wrote with Peter-Paul Koch (@ppk), Stephanie Rieger (@stephanierieger) and Luke… More

Pixels are ruining my life

It’s been a strange few years for the pixel, that unit we love to hate and generally blithely use anyway. First, there is the weird brain-bending device pixel versus CSS pixel math we’re all trying to do in our head… More

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