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Cloudies Settle into New Office

We got keys to our office late Thursday afternoon, and by the end of the weekend, the office was together and ready to go. That’s a lot of painting and hauling and lifting… More

Cloudies Getting Excited about New Office!

We get our keys to our new office tomorrow, and boy are we excited! I have a feeling that this weekend is going to play out like a movie montage from a bad 80’s flick: mad scenes of painting and… More

Akismet Numbers Paint Picture of Comment Spam

I knew comment spam on blogs was a problem, but I didn’t know quite how much of one until I happened across Akismet’s Zeitgeist page recently. Akismet is a comment spam protection service that is free to use for… More

gPhone = Open Handset Alliance

The gPhone isn’t a Google phone. Instead, it is the formation of an alliance to develop an open platform for mobile devices. The new consortium is called the Open Handset Alliance. The Alliance is formed around the Android… More

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