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Video: Essence of Content on the Web (Mobilism 2012)

By Lyza Gardner

Published on October 9th, 2012


Oh, I am excited! Video from my presentation at Mobilism in Amsterdam has been posted. I’m already excited about Mobilism for next year!

In this presentation, “Cutting through the Crap: The Essence of Content on the Web”, I talk about some of my mental explorations of the meaning of core content on the web. The summary:

You’ve likely heard about content a lot lately—content is king, content should flow like water, “Content First!”. But what IS content in its basest form? Is it HTML? XML? JSON? Is it human-readable plaintext? And once we have our content, how do we transform it to look wonderful on mobile devices, televisions, regular old computers, refrigerators? Where does content end and platform-specific representation begin? The mobile revolution has shown us that our content management and web publishing technologies are entangled and flawed. The web will continue to be consumed by more and more clients, many of which haven’t even occurred to us yet. But by thinking deeply and re-examining the essence of our content, we can help to architect a flexible future for the web.

Lyza's "Cutting through the Crap" presentation at Mobilism 2012

Photo courtesy of the very kind Jen Hanen

The video is available on Vimeo.


Jeff Moro said:

A great presentation. The question I have been struggling to answer myself lately is, just what is enough content? If Quality is more important than Quantity, then how much is really enough?