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Bringing mobile coupons to the masses

We've worked with Entertainment Promotions since 2010 to bring their value-packed coupon books to mobile devices. EP is the leading provider of coupons in the US, with a 50-year history creating its iconic coupon book, and more recently online deals and printable coupons accessed via the desktop website. When it was time for EP to move into mobile coupon discovery and redemption, EP and Cloud Four worked together on a long-term strategy to extend what had been primarily a print business to a mobile business.

Coupons in context

Keeping coupons at your fingertips

Coupons are used on-the-go—you hand a buy-one-get-one-free coupon to the cashier at a restaurant and get a deal. Customers want the value and scope of a coupon book (lots of deals, lots of merchants) but they don't want to clip coupons or carry a book around. The coupon book is itself mobile technology (you can carry the book with you, and many consumers do), but as consumer expectations change, that "portable" book starts to seem too big. This is a perfect fit for a mobile application: the users are already mobile, the product just needs to meet them where they are, shrinking to fit the devices they carry.

Working closely with the EP team, we developed mobile apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and mobile web. These apps access the EP coupon database and allow for searching, saving, and redeeming coupons on mobile devices. These apps are now used by hundreds of thousands of Entertainment customers to redeem their deals using mobile devices.

We provide native client apps on the largest platforms (leveraging native technologies like interactive maps), plus a mobile website option for any mobile platform. In concert with the existing website for desktop users, this mix provides something for everyone.

Mobile commerce enabled by Responsive Web Design

In 2011, we worked with EP's team to streamline the purchase process for their bookless coupon product, the Savings Membership. (Although print books can be registered for use with the mobile apps, this new membership offers a set of on-the-go deals without the book.)

Using Responsive Web Design, we helped the EP team rapidly adapt an existing shopping cart so it works well on mobile devices. This allows for a complete mobile-only experience: now customers can preview nearby deals via a mobile website before buying, then they can buy the product using a mobile web browser and use it without ever touching a desktop computer or a print book. Print customers can still enjoy the benefits of mobile, by activating a unique code that comes with the book.

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