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A brand identity, design system, and responsive website support this nonprofit’s mission

A collage of various interface and design elements related to Ceasefire Oregon's web site

After a terrible shooting at a college in Southern Oregon, we looked for a way to give back and make our community safer. We reached out to Ceasefire Oregon and offered rebranding and redesign services.

Ceasefire Oregon had the best information on local gun safety legislation, but the old site was difficult to read and navigate. We built a new, responsive website that makes it easy for the organization to update information and for people to find it.

The first challenge was finding a way to convey what Ceasefire Oregon does in a logo. The old logo was a riff on a shooting range target which seemed less than ideal for a gun violence prevention group. The new logo is an origami-like dove that conveys the organizations goals of giving people hope that change is possible.

We also created variations of the logo for the three different Ceasefire Oregon organizations as well as versions that support horizontal and vertical placement. All of the logos are Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) which means that the logos themselves adapt based on the size they are given on a page.

After we had the high-level brand details sorted out, we moved immediately into building a pattern library. The pattern library is publicly accessible.

A screenshot of the Ceasefire Oregon style guide

We spent time working with Ceasefire Oregon on their content strategy ensuring that the content management system captured discrete content types that were easy to update. The new legislation section is a great example of the content modeling in action.

The site was built on top of a highly configured WordPress instance. The WordPress theme was tied to the pattern library so that changes to the pattern library were automatically reflected in the theme.

For more details on the project, see the launch announcement.

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