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Head First Mobile Web

Cloud Four cofounders Lyza and Jason wrote Head First Mobile Web, published in early 2012 by O’Reilly. Using a conversational tone and plenty of easy-to-follow visuals, Head First Mobile Web is neither a reference book, nor a dry textbook — it’s the smart way for desktop web developers to go mobile. HFMW gets your hands dirty with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and even some backend code right out of the gate.

HFMW Cover
Head First Mobile Web Cover

Head First Mobile Web is no longer in print. If you already own it, you can still get the code used in the book.

Praise for Head First Mobile Web

“Head First Mobile Web successfully presents practical techniques all readers can use immediately, while giving plenty of foundation and resources for more experienced developers to build upon. Lyza and Jason have created a pragmatic introduction to the chaotic world of mobile web development as it is today, with a glimpse of how we can and should approach it for tomorrow.”

–Stephen Hay, Founder and principal of Zero Interface

“An excellent introduction to a complex but exciting topic. Hands-on from the get-go, Head First Mobile Web provides an excellent introduction to the challenges and opportunities available when exploring the next chapter in web design.”

–Stephanie and Bryan Reiger, Designers at Yiibu