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A designer, two developers, and a strategist walk into a startup....

About us

Mobile-obsessed technologists

We're technologists who are passionate about the mobile web. Cloud Four started when, many years ago, our initial team of four noticed something was changing in our world: connected, portable, always-on devices were becoming mainstream.

We left behind our traditional web jobs and came together in 2007 to form Cloud Four, a Portland, Oregon based company laser focused on mobile web technology. It was a good bet to make: within a year we saw products like the first iPhone transform the mobile world.

We've taken on dozens of web projects, founded a local organization, spoken at innumerable conferences and workshops, wrote the book on mobile web development, and most recently organized a conference about Responsive Web Design.

We've also added staff, so we should more appropriately be called Cloud Nine, but hey, we had already printed up a bunch of business cards.

Here at Cloud Four, we live, breathe, and dream the mobile web. If you're ready to engage with us about your mobile project, please drop us a line!


Lyza Danger Gardner


Loves: travel, reading, beauty, the Internet, anachronistic hobbies

Dislikes: chicken liver, putting the duvet cover on the duvet

Super powers
  • Serious web dev chops: over 15 years' experience
  • Both back end and front end development
  • Educated in the arts and computer science
  • Co-authored Head First Mobile Web

Jason Grigsby (@grigs)

In 2000, Jason Grigsby got his first mobile phone. He became obsessed with how the world could be a better place if everyone had access to the world's information in their pockets. But WAP was crap so he headed back to the desktop web for several years.

Now Jason spends far too much time thinking about mobile. He founded Mobile Portland a non-profit organization dedicated to educating, promoting and supporting Portland’s mobile community. He co-authored Head First Mobile Web. He is frequently asked to speak about mobile technology and strategy.

Aileen Jeffries

The front-endiest of the folks at Cloud Four, Aileen spends much of her time digging around in CSS, shaking her head at browser incongruities and feeling badly about her umask settings. Notable recent achievements include reaching the "acceptance" stage of mourning the death of pixel perfection.

Pro: Tomato red, inset box shadows, browsers that support rgba background colors, Portland
Anti: devices with browsers that only display one or two fonts (looking at you Galaxy S, Kindle Fire and Windows Mobile!)
Secret Shame: preferring the lowercase t in Arial over Helvetica

Tweeting occasionally as @aileen_jeffries

John Keith

John really likes making well crafted, high performance, usable web services. Good thing, since he's been doing it for more than fifteen years. He's less enthusiastic about exquisite design at the expense of beautiful functionality, but appreciates great design when he sees it. John is a co-founder of several companies - Kavi, Cloud Four, and Lucid Meetings - and is fortunate to have worked with many, many people who are much smarter than him. Get to know him via @jtkeith2.

Cloud Four Team

Erik Jung

Erik is a front-end developer with a decade of experience designing and building things for the web. His primary interests are application architecture patterns, open-source development tools, micro-frameworks, and web fonts. When he's not busy overthinking class names or tweaking type sizes, he enjoys adding to his record collection and film lexicon. You can follow his infrequently shared thoughts at @erikjung.

Sara Lohr

Originally trained in print design, Sara quickly changed direction once she discovered designing for the web. Embracing its fluid and changeable nature, she loves designing and building web experiences that are beautiful, functional and accessible to all. She also enjoys not looking at a computer screen quite a bit, and spends much of her free time in the great (often urban) outdoors.

Nicole Mors

Nicole is a highly caffeinated designer with a serious weakness for all things cute, including but not limited to: babies, baby animals and Grumpy Cat. Her most recent pursuits have been trying to learn JavaScript and buying books she won't get around to reading. She writes online at and tweets as @nicolemors.

Megan Notarte

Megan is a certified Project Management professional (PMP) who loves lists, order, ice cream, and boots. She has over 13 years of experience spanning the breadth of web development from coding to team management. Find her at @megnotarte.

Gerardo Rodriguez

Gerardo is a front-end developer who has been playing with and learning about the web for over a decade professionally. His passions include the love of learning, creativity, problem-solving, sports and social justice. His curiosity led him to initially study the arts with a focus on the digital medium. His experience with art, design and development make him a well-rounded maker of things on the web. You can learn a bit more about him at and he's also on Twitter via @_gerardo.

Tyler Sticka

Tyler’s a designer who isn’t afraid of HTML, CSS, UX, IA or any other acronyms foolish enough to cross his path. He’s also the designerly half of Backabit, makers of fine games for iOS.

He posts drawings and writes about all sorts of geeky topics on his blog at He tweets as @tylersticka.

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We build responsive web sites and progressive web apps. Whether you have an existing desktop web experience and need to support mobile users or you're looking to build something new, we're your team. Let us know how we can help.

Our book

This mobile revolution is upon us, and your business needs a website that works on as many devices as possible. Head First Mobile Web is a comprehensive, practical guide to the mobile web, written by Cloud Four co-founders Lyza Gardner and Jason Grigsby.

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