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Aileen Jeffries


Aileen got her start at Kavi Corporation, a provider of collaboration software for technical standards organizations. After seven years of working as a designer and Creative Director there, she parted ways with Kavi to co-found Cloud Four in 2007.
Even in the early days of Cloud Four when responsive web design was just taking off, Aileen moved from Photoshop to the browser as early as possible, delivering browser-based mockups to our clients.  Our focus on mobile (especially at a time of some very small screens and devices with limited capabilities) required a complete reimagining of what the web could be, how users interacted with it, and the experiences we would build to help our clients and their users accomplish their goals. 

Aileen firmly believes in the web as a force for good, for enabling connections and meaningful interactions, and broadening participation in society. Creating experiences that are accessible, flexible, and resilient matters very much to her. 

Outside of work, Aileen enjoys designing physical spaces, gardening, travel, and getting outside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 

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Aileen Jeffries