Gerardo Rodriguez

Senior Front-end Developer

Gerardo is a developer who has been playing with and learning about the web for over a decade professionally. His passions include the love of learning, creativity, problem-solving, sports and social justice. His curiosity led him to initially study the arts with a focus on the digital medium. His experience with art, design, and development make him a well-rounded maker of things on the web.

Latest Articles

Perfectly Broken Code

Join me in exploring a recent experience where I started with flawed logic (without realizing it) and the steps I took to fix my bug. Let’s experience some broken code together. 🎉…

When 7 KB Equals 7 MB

A documentation of my journey in understanding why the cache storage was bloating when caching CDN-hosted static assets with a service worker.

The hidden power of Handlebars partials

A project opportunity combined with my own curiosity allowed me to get a better understanding of Handlebars partials. Turns out you can do much more than I was aware of.

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