Gerardo Rodriguez

Senior Front-end Developer

Gerardo is a developer who has been playing with and learning about the web for over a decade professionally. His passions include the love of learning, creativity, problem-solving, sports and social justice. His curiosity led him to initially study the arts with a focus on the digital medium. His experience with art, design, and development make him a well-rounded maker of things on the web.

Latest Articles

Finding Empathy: Learning Accessibility Together

In Cloud Four’s core values, we state our belief in “the web as a unifying platform to provide access to information for all people of all abilities.” This inspires us to follow best practices (writing semantic HTML, for…

The price is…which?

Some of the largest sporting goods e-commerce sites don’t provide an accessible experience for sale prices. A few small changes can significantly enhance the experience.

Cultivating more inclusive, brave, and accountable spaces

Illustration by Theodore Taylor III I recently attended a workshop1 about “cultivating brave and accountable spaces” to reduce elitism and exclusivity in the tech industry. The organizers helped us normalize making mistakes, having accountability, and changing our…

Perfectly Broken Code

Join me in exploring a recent experience where I started with flawed logic (without realizing it) and the steps I took to fix my bug. Let’s experience some broken code together. 🎉…

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