Tyler Sticka

Partner, Vice President

Tyler joined Cloud Four in 2013, becoming a partner and VP of Design four years later. Prior to that, he led multi-disciplinary teams at a Bay Area stealth startup and the agency arm of WE Communications, where his clients included Microsoft and Sasquatch! Music Festival.

Although his primary role is to set vision and provide creative direction, he's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and knock out code to solve design problems. He’s as likely to be found littering a whiteboard with sketches as he is spelunking through CSS or JavaScript.

Tyler’s love of side projects is well-documented. In 2010 he co-founded Backabit, a two-person indie game studio. Their first game reached number eight in the US App Store paid charts after it was featured by Apple, who called it “a simple and stylish physics puzzler you won’t want to put down.” He’s also the creator of Colorpeek, a web app and Chrome extension for simply sharing and previewing colors.

Tyler has presented at numerous conferences, including Smashing Conference, CascadiaFest, Techweek Chicago and the inaugural CyborgCamp. He once taught courses in Internet Typography and Web Standards as an adjunct professor at the (now defunct) Art Institute of Portland.

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