Megan Notarte

Senior Project Manager

Megan is a certified Project Management professional (PMP) who loves lists, order, ice cream, and boots. She many years of experience spanning the breadth of web development from coding to team management. She began her career as a web developer and continues to refine her coding skills when she’s not managing projects for Cloud Four.

Outside of work, Megan is a CrossFit coach, mother of two lovely boys, and a mad karaoke diva. Find her at or tweeting @megnotarte.

Latest Articles

Client Engagement the Cloud Four Way

As part of the redesign, we’ve been trying to nail down the general positioning for our business. That is, what makes us the special unicorn that we think we are (or maybe we’re all ugly unicorns). One of… Redesign: This is how we do it

By now you’ve probably heard that we’re full steam ahead with a redesign of our beloved, and we’re doing it in the wide open for everyone to see. This is an interesting and fun endeavor for us, being…

Own Your Process: Ending Agile Guilt

What process do you use for your projects? Agile? Waterfall? Scrum? Extreme? A little bit of everything? Join the club. I had the pleasure of spending some time Saturday with a number of talented colleagues at the Digital PM…

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