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GitHub introduced a new text editor called Atom last week, and reactions (at least in my Twitter feed) seem divided between fervent desire and snide disregard. For every few people shamelessly begging for invites, you’ll find one or two… More

A List Apart: Vexing Viewports

A quick, pre-holiday post to mention with excitement the publishing of “Vexing Viewports“, an article on A List Apart that I co-wrote with Peter-Paul Koch (@ppk), Stephanie Rieger (@stephanierieger) and Luke… More

Pixels are ruining my life

It’s been a strange few years for the pixel, that unit we love to hate and generally blithely use anyway. First, there is the weird brain-bending device pixel versus CSS pixel math we’re all trying to do in our head… More

What We Believe

Despite the fact that we've worked together for years, the first thing we did when starting Cloud Four was to make sure that we shared the same values and beliefs. Here are some of our beliefs. More

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