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The Death of Progressive Enhancement(?) and Responsive Animation

By Jason Grigsby

Published on August 21st, 2015


We have two more exciting Responsive Field Day topics to announce this week including our first potential “hot drama”1 discussing the recent controversies over progressive enhancement.

Tom DaleSome say that using a JavaScript framework means sacrificing core web principles—universal access, graceful degradation—in exchange for developer convenience. Are JavaScript peddlers like me the Pied Pipers of doom, leading the community astray from web righteousness? Let’s look at why devs are drawn to the benefits of JS frameworks—and discuss whether the rampant hand-wringing about progressive enhancement is deserved or a relic from an older age.

Val HeadAnimation often needs some space to move in, but with responsive design we know the space we have is ever-changing. Balancing those two factors can lead to some tricky design problems for web animation, especially when you throw performance and design concerns into the mix! Val will break down examples and show you how to design animations that work well at all viewport sizes without driving yourself crazy.

Responsive Field Day is now only five week away! Don’t miss your chance to hear Tom Dale, Val Head and our other fantastic speakers on Friday, September 25th in Portland’s Revolution Hall. Get your tickets while you can!

  1. “Hot drama” trademark Shop Talk Show. 😉