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Mobile Web? iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry, mostly.

Here are a few interesting tidbits from some mobile websites we’re monitoring. The following stats are from the two month period inclusive of December, 2010 and January, 2011. The sites are U.S. centric and tend to draw from a younger… More

Busy Summer!

We have been extraordinarily busy this summer, doing a lot of really cool things. With some luck we’ll find a little time to poke our heads up and write about some of them! Stay tuned 🙂… More

Are CSS Sprites A Mobile Web “Worst Practice?”

There’s an interesting article on that talks about the pitfalls of using CSS sprites for mobile web content. While there are several reasons why sprites may not be a good idea, two stand out for me: CSS2 support… More

High Performance Web Sites (CS193H)

As many of you know, we’re fairly enamored with the YSlow techniques for understanding and evaluating web performance for web applications.  We have successfully used the information to improve the user-perceived performance for “traditional” websites and for mobile websites /… More

Reminder: Mobile Portland Tonight

Tonight’s topic is “Building an iPhone Business: A Look Back to Look Ahead” by Elia Freedman (Infinity Softworks). For more details see the Mobile Portland site at Hope to see you there!… More

Mobile Browser Test (One Year Later)

Hey there. It’s been a year since we first opened our mobile browser concurrency test for people to use, so I thought I’d take a quick moment to thank everyone who has taken the test.  All 6,461 of you. … More

We Have Disabled WP Super Cache

To improve your WordPress performance we have previously advocated using the WP Super Cache plugin to enable pages served from a static cache.  This works quite well unless you are doing some form of content adaptation that is specific… More

Mobile Device Detection Results

In a previous post I presented the performance numbers for mobile device detection using WURFL and Device Atlas. Our numbers were generated on a data set consisting of 1,572 unique user agents we collected as part of our… More

Comparative Speed of WURFL and Device Atlas

This has probably been done to death elsewhere, but since I’ve been playing around with WURFL and Device Atlas for mobile device detection, I thought I’d publish some comparative performance numbers. As part of our mobile browser… More

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