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PHP Speedy Update Fixes CSS Compression Bug

Hi there! Just a quick note for people following our ongoing WordPress performance discussion. Leon Chevalier has released a new version of his PHP Speedy WordPress plugin. This update fixes the CSS compression bug we mentioned in our previous… More

First Look at PHP Speedy for WordPress 2.7

With the release of WordPress 2.7 we’ve begun upgrading our customer sites to use this new version.  As part of that effort, we needed to ensure that our hard won performance improvements were not adversely impacted.  For the… More

Should I Remove ETags From My Headers?

In a recent post, I presented a few easy steps that anyone can take to speedup their WordPress blog. My aim in that post was to introduce a basic methodology for measuring performance (YSlow), along with a fairly… More

Easy Steps To Speedup Your WordPress Blog

We recently finished optimizing several WordPress blogs for improved performance and I thought “wouldn’t it be great to share our experiences with everyone?” After all, when I look around at all the blogs I know and use, I see… More

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