High Performance Web Sites (CS193H)

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As many of you know, we’re fairly enamored with the YSlow techniques for understanding and evaluating web performance for web applications.  We have successfully used the information to improve the user-perceived performance for “traditional” websites and for mobile websites / applications.  We’ll be talking about more of those experiences in upcoming posts.

In addition to the work we’ve done for our customers, we also like to promote good practices that everyone can follow.  Which leads me to today’s post.  I’ve recently finished re-reading the slides presented as part of the High Performance Web Sites course at Stanford University.  These slides have been made available by Steve Souders and they provide a nice accompaniment to his book, High Performance Web Sites.  The course also included guest lectures, and those slides have been made available to anyone who is interested in web front-end performance.  The guest slides are chock full of real world information from people who really know this stuff.

If you are a web developer, you should familiarize yourself with the Yahoo Exceptional Performance info by reading their best practices list, reviewing the CS193H slides, and keeping the Souders book in front of you so you don’t forget to do it!

John Keith

John Keith was once a computer scientist, but he got bitten by the startup bug and left all that to learn how to start and run businesses like Kavi, Lucid Meetings, and Cloud Four.

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