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Picking a Responsive Tables Solution

One of the most common questions I get asked during responsive design workshops is how to handle tables. I usually show some of the techniques and then tell people they should pick the right technique for the content in the… More

Our Off-Canvas Menu Plugin

On a recent responsive design project, we wanted an off-canvas menu for narrow viewports. We tried some of the off-canvas menu libraries out there. But, being very particular about design and performance, we ended up writing our own. Our… More

Hide/Show Passwords: The Missing Plugin

It’s easy to take the “masking” of passwords (replacing characters with ••••) for granted. As Luke Wroblewski documented last November, this practice increases login failures while providing little-to-no security benefit. Here’s the alternative Luke and his team built into… More

On device detection and RESS

I’ve been musing on where device detection and Responsive Design + Server Side Components (RESS) fits in the solution stack as the lines between devices are increasingly blurred. I would love to see solutions more like what the… More

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