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The Best Mobile Web Conferences are Coming Soon

By Jason Grigsby

Published on March 20th, 2012


In the coming two months, Lyza and I are honored to be giving workshops and speaking at what we consider to be the two best conferences about the mobile web: Mobilism and the Breaking Development conferences. You should join us.

Here’s what you need to know.

You must attend Mobilism on May 10-11. We can’t speak highly enough of this conference.

Seriously, register now. If you can’t attend, please pass on the word. This is a great conference, but they need your help making sure enough people attend so they can continue to put on this event..

You can get 10% discount on the ticket price by going to a special registration page. This offer expires March 31st.

Lyza and I are also giving a workshop in Amsterdam. Here is a short description:

How to get from here to everywhere: Taking your web skills mobile

OK. You already know how to wield HTML and CSS, and maybe you can juggle JavaScript and server-side technologies, too. What you need to know is how to take your existing web skills mobile—quickly.

Lyza Gardner and Jason Grigsby, co-authors of “Head First Mobile Web” (O’Reilly), will show you the leading strategies for making web sites mobile friendly, whether you’re adapting existing sites or building new ones from scratch. There is no silver bullet. But in this hands-on workshop, we’ll show you the tools that make up the mobile web designer and developer arsenal—and how to choose which tactics to use for different projects.

This is a great opportunity for you or someone on your team to learn how to build things for the mobile web. It is a day-long immersion in the tools and techniques required to deal with device diversity. Seats are limited to please register soon.

Come join us at the Breaking Development conference in Orlando on April 16-18. I’ve written in the past about how much we love this conference. We love it so much that we sent the entire company to the last Breaking Development conference.

Here are the highlights of why you should join us:

  • This is the only conference in the United States focused on mobile web technology.
  • Like Mobilism, the speakers list is fantastic.
  • Everyone at the conference is interested in mobile web. The conversations continue into the evening. You leave the conference buzzing with ideas.
  • I’m presenting on Smart TVs again with my The Immobile Web talk.
  • People are guaranteed to make fun of me. I’m sure this will happen at Mobilism as well, but the Breaking Development organizers have refined it to an art form. 🙂

I don’t know what else to say. Register soon.

The first ten people to use discount code ‘ORGRI12’ will save $100 on their registration.

There is ONE and ONLY ONE seat left in the workshop that Lyza and I will be giving in Orlando. The workshop is called Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness 101. It teaches you the survival skills you need to survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse of devices. Register ASAP before the final seat is taken.

If you care about the topics that we cover on this blog, then you need to support these two conferences. They are the only conferences focused exclusively on the challenges of building things for mobile devices.

Conference like this run on thin margins. I know the organizers of both conferences would like to make money, but are primarily motivated by helping our community get off the ground. If we want the conferences to continue, we have to support them.

Even if you cannot attend the conference, please pass the information on to your co-workers and friends. Tweet about it. Share on Facebook. Do whatever you can to help them out.

I would consider it a big favor if you would do so. Thanks in advance.