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Raw Mobile Browser Data Released

By Jason Grigsby

Published on April 29th, 2008


We’ve been asked by a few people if we can release the preliminary data that we’re gathering in our Mobile Browser Concurrency Test. So here you go: raw data from the mobile concurrency test.

And when we say “raw data,” we mean it. We spent most of our time fine-tuning the test in order to make sure that it was as accurate as possible. We didn’t spend much time building our our own view into the data because we knew we would always have time to work with the information later.

Therefore, the data view isn’t very polished and will probably only be interesting to those who are looking for specific details.

There are three things you can see in the raw data:

  • An overview of all of the devices that have tested grouped by user agent and number of connections
  • For any given device, you can click on the user agent string to see all of the times that device has been tested and the http headers that were requested.
  • If the device was a mobile device, you can use the user agent string to query the WUFRL database to get more detailed information about the device characteristics

You’ll also get so see some of the anomalies that we’re investigating such as browsers that take too long to download the first image and thus are showing zero connections or the random instances where browsers request more concurrent images than they are supposed to be able to do.

We’re still planning on summarizing and publishing our findings. However, in the meantime, we hope you find the raw data interesting.