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Mobile Portland User Group

By Jason Grigsby

Published on February 14th, 2008


At Portland Web Innovators last night, we announced the formation of a new user group called Mobile Portland.

The idea for Mobile Portland came from our desire to have a place to share what we’re learning and collaborate with other mobile developers. The idea took hold when during a conversation with Jon Maroney of Free Range Communications after the recent PAF panel on mobile marketing.

In addition to Free Range, early enthusiastic collaborators for a local mobile user group include individuals from eROI, GoLife Mobile and bBoing (a.k.a., Summit Projects). We’re pleased that we’ve got a group of people interested in making this happen.

It seems like the last thing Portland needs is yet another user group meeting. However, mobile development has numerous unique challenges. These challenges deserve their own attention and focus.

We’re still working out logistics on how Mobile Portland will work. If you’re interested, go to to be notified about our first meeting.