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By Jason Grigsby

Published on February 8th, 2010


jedec-designLast week, we finally got to take the wraps off of one of our favorite projects of the last year:

While on our blog we mostly talk about mobile, we also do a fair amount of traditional web site development work.

In particular, we’ve helped many standards-setting organizations and associations like JEDEC with their public web sites.

JEDEC came to us with substantial issues that needed to be addressed. The current site had long outgrown its information architecture and had three different navigation systems and site maps.

We performed a full content audit and combined web analytics with information architecture analysis to create a new site structure that focused on helping people find information more quickly.

In particular, web analytics showed that the majority of people coming to the site wanted to download standards. The new design brings the search interface right onto the newly designed home page.

The search interface was reworked to provide people with the ability to narrow their searches. When documents are uploaded to the site, they automatically show up on the related committee pages and other sections of the site where the documents are relevant.

We worked with JEDEC to define technology focus areas that help people new to the organization understand the current hot topics for the organization and get a quick sense about what JEDEC does. These technology focus pages are all dynamic are constantly updating with new information as documents, press releases, and events are added.

We also collaborated with other vendors to integrate event data coming from another system and to provide a single-sign on strategy with a membership management system.

Perhaps most importantly, we had a great time working with JEDEC and its staff. In particular, Emily Desjardins and Arnaud Lebegue became part of our extended team over the last few months. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with them and to see their vision come to finally come to life.


John Keith said:

My favorite parts of this project –

1. Working with Emily and Arnaud
2. Drupal and I becoming friends with each other
3. Putting Faceted Search to work
4. Views-enabling a foreign database
5. Releasing a site with a YSlow "A" grade for performance
6. Implementing a custom single sign-on client
7. Oops! Implementing a custom single sign-on master
8. Importing a quarter million user accounts
9. Importing a thousand or more documents


10. Just the totality of working on a project that touched so many aspects of the JEDEC organization and seeing it all come together in the end: design, functionality, and technology – what joy 🙂

This was a fun one and I'm so very glad it has launched!