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Cloud Four Designs Mobile Wall Street Journal

By Jason Grigsby

Published on August 19th, 2008


We’re pleased to announce the Mobile Wall Street Journal launched today. This application was developed by FreeRange Communications and the user interface was designed by Cloud Four.

The application is currently only available for Blackberry users. You can download the application for free.

Early reviews of the application have been positive. The Silicon Valley Insider says that of all of the applications that newspapers have released that “Wall Street Journal’s Mobile Reader is easily our favorite to date.”

As the interface designers, nothing could please us more than hearing them say:

The software, available today, is one of those tools that makes instant sense the first time you get your hands on it.

The vast majority of the hard work on the application was done by FreeRange Communications. It is their branded RSS reader that the Wall Street Journal selected. FreeRange asked us to help with the user interface design to make the application feel more like the WSJ.

The people at FreeRange have been good friends to us. They helped start Mobile Portland with us, made a diving save on our mobile concurrency test, and have been generous community members. It’s great to see them launch such a significant customer and announce their Mobile Publishing Platform.

It’s wonderful to finally get to share something we’ve been excited about for months. Congratulations to FreeRange and the Wall Street Journal!


Jmartens said:

The mobile interface is great, but I uninstalled the App after only about 6 hours on my Blackberry. Kept freezing up on me, took forever to download stories, had a tough time trying to reconfigure the tabs I wanted to display (couldn’t load the screen that is used to make those adjustments).

So I gave up. Too bad, I would have used it a lot. But I don’t have the paitence to deal with it when there are thousands of other ways for me to get the news on my BB.