Josh Schneider

Front-end Developer

Josh may be the only Cloud Four team member who once logged field observations of Rhesus macaques on a Tandy handheld computer. He first discovered the web as a graduate student looking for new ways to do research. After spells as an editor for an electronic encyclopedia and managing a CMS for a neighborhood association, he found he really liked web programming.

After almost 10 years as a front-end developer (who also likes to dabble down the stack), Josh was excited to join the Cloud Four team, with its keen focus on web standards, accessibility, and performance. He finds inspiration from his incredibly talented and insightful coworkers, and enjoys helping to craft great solutions for clients.

When not inspecting breakpoints, Josh does his best to keep up with his 2 sons and their super-mom, loves getting out in the beautiful PNW, and provides the occasional backbeat to random musical projects.

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