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Bad behavior on mobile web will be punished

There are things that we put on web sites that we know annoy users. We know they annoy users because they annoy us as well. But it can be hard to convince your boss or your stakeholders that they shouldn’t… More

On device detection and RESS

I’ve been musing on where device detection and Responsive Design + Server Side Components (RESS) fits in the solution stack as the lines between devices are increasingly blurred. I would love to see solutions more like what the… More

Android Browser Countdown

Android’s poor browser has been the thorn in side of mobile web developers for quite some time. Dion Almaer once said that “Android WebKit is the closest thing to being the IE6 of mobile development”. I agree. Back… More

Media Queries in SVG images

“Wait? What was that Bruce Lawson just said?” That was my reaction last week as I listened to the audio from Bruce’s presentation at Responsive Day Out conference. What had Bruce said that blew my mind? It… More

Responsive Design for Apps — Part 3

This is Part 3 in a series about Responsive Design for Apps. Part 1 talks about why responsive design for apps is inevitable. Part 2 presents a case study in redesigning a desktop app to be responsive and… More

Responsive Design for Apps — Part 2

Recently, I was tasked with helping a client determine if they could convert both their site and web apps to responsive design. In my Part 1 of this series, I outlined why it seems inevitable that the sorts of… More

Welcoming Tyler Sticka to Cloud Four

We’re pleased to announce that Tyler Sticka is joining Cloud Four today. Tyler is someone whose work I have long admired. His portfolio speaks for itself. He has designed games, created illustrations, guided projects, and teaches a course… More

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