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Shopping should be fast and easy

How Cloud Four’s design and development approach creates exceptional ecommerce experiences.

Customer-centered design

The Champion Power Equipment website includes tools to help customers find the right generators based on their power needs.

Ecommerce is not one size fits all: The journey to buying a bunch of bananas is different than buying a new pair of shoes. Our decisions adhere to a priority of constituencies from discovery through execution so that customer’s needs, expectations and desires are considered in every interaction. And our consistently collaborative in-browser design process reduces the distance between aspiration and conversion.

Mobile (and beyond)

Cloud Four designed a responsive grocery delivery experience for Walmart, complete with scheduling tools

We helped popularize mobile-first responsive design and wrote the book on Progressive Web Apps. Effective content prioritization, touch-friendly interfaces and design breakpoints are just the beginning: Your audience deserves a fantastic shopping experience that blurs the line between “web site” and “app,” whether they’re using a mouse, keyboard, touchscreen or assistive device.

Forms, evolved

We’ve all struggled with broken or finicky forms disrupting our purchase process, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We have years of experience crafting smooth and reliable payment and shipping forms for some of the world’s largest online retailers. Our continuous exploration of the latest standards (autofill, passkeys, validation, etc.) and payment methods (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.) empowers us to design forms that aren’t just modern… they’re magic!

Performance optimization

It’s a fact: Slow-loading pages lead to reduced search engine rankings, higher bounce rates, lost sales and frustrated customers. We optimize site speed by minimizing page weight, reducing requests, leveraging caching techniques, and evaluating tools and techniques to identify and overcome performance pitfalls. We’ve even built tools that help test site-­wide performance.

Platform integration

We craft amazing experiences using Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and a long list of hybrid, headless and home-grown solutions. Our deep knowledge of the web and well of experience allow our team to adapt to your organization’s unique mix of platform, payment processing, CRM and analytics requirements.

Accessible to everyone

Our team cares deeply about accessibility, and so do your customers. The design and technical considerations that make experiences accessible to people with disabilities are of benefit to your entire audience, leading to increased conversion, revenue and customer loyalty. We regularly audit our work against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and have experience working with ADA compliance requirements.

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Cloud Four is hands down the best agency I have ever worked with on any web project ever in my 25+ web career.

Daniel Divens, former Director, Website Marketing, Cloudinary