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Strategic Consulting

Helping you see the big picture

Filtering all of the excitement, information, and hubbub into a meaningful, organized mobile strategy.

Consulting Services

Finding the right strategy

Strategists at Cloud Four specialize in big-picture thinking. We can help you sift through the noise and put together a plan for your mobile future, whether it's as simple as a mobile-optimized web interface or as complex as a long-term mobile plan for a large organization.

Our team can help answer questions like:

  • What simple things can my organization do right now to make our content more accessible to mobile users?
  • What kind of mobile devices are my customers using?
  • What are the pros and cons of the different mobile tactics?
  • How do we balance business, marketing and technology objectives when it comes to mobile?
  • How can I coordinate a mobile plan that includes both web and native applications?
  • How do we make key shifts in our existing infrastructure to support mobile?
  • How can we avoid the pitfalls of supporting a diverse set of devices?
  • Where do we start? How do we prioritize our work?

Most importantly, we help get all of the stakeholders on the same page. We’ll craft a mobile strategy that will work for the technologists and the business and marketing people in your organization.

We can help

We offer hourly consulting, or, for more in-depth projects, we can create a consulting package for you. Contact us to get started!