Cloud Four

Our Services: What we do

We live, breathe, and dream the multi-device web

Tackling device diversity on the web is the heart and soul of what we do. We design and build beautiful sites and apps that work well regardless of the device someone uses.

Cloud Four Focus Areas

Our areas of expertise

We focus on three main areas:

  1. Responsive apps β€” We can take your existing web app and make it work comfortably across devicesβ€”or help you design and build a great new app.

  2. Complex responsive designs β€” Real-world responsive projects can get complex, fast. We're the team people call on when they face tough challenges or when they need help starting their responsive efforts.

  3. Helping web teams adapt to the multi-device world β€” We work with web teams to get everyone up to speed on what it takes to build cross-device experiences.

Given this focus, clients often call on us to:

  • Guide and validate multi-device strategy
  • Kickstart multi-device projects and decrease time to market
  • Train teams to make them self-sufficient

Do these challenges sound familiar? Get in touch.