Topic: Development

Defensive API Handling

On a recent client project, we built a form that submitted to a third-party registration service. Easy-peasy, right? What followed was a comical series of incidents that served as an excellent lesson in defensive API handling. More

Accessibility Tree Snapshots in Pleasantest

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added accessibility tree snapshots to Pleasantest. These snapshots incorporate important accessibility details into your tests, helping you to understand, track, and maintain the accessibility of your interfaces. We believe Pleasantest is the first testing… More

Introducing Pleasantest

Pleasantest is a library that integrates with Jest to help you write UI tests that interact with real browsers. It uses Puppeteer to launch and control browsers, Testing Library to find elements on the page, and jest-dom to make assertions… More

Perfectly Broken Code

Join me in exploring a recent experience where I started with flawed logic (without realizing it) and the steps I took to fix my bug. Let’s experience some broken code together. 🎉… More

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