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Staggered Animations with CSS Custom Properties

Movement in nature doesn’t happen all at once. Imagine a flock of birds taking off, raindrops splashing on the ground, or trees bending in the wind. The magic of these moments comes from many small movements overlapping and converging. I… More

Transitioning Hidden Elements

If you’ve ever tried to use a CSS transition on an element with the hidden attribute or display: none;, you know this can be a challenge. I’ve run into this problem a number of times and decided to write… More

All Mixed Up: Isomorphic Sorting Gone Wrong

As a JavaScript developer, I’m used to my code running differently in different environments. But earlier this week, I ran into a problem that left me scratching my head for most of the morning. I was working on an isomorphic… More

See No Evil: Hidden Content and Accessibility

When I first started learning web development I thought hiding content was simple: slap display: none; onto your hidden element and call it a day. Since then I’ve learned about screen readers, ARIA attributes, the HTML5 hidden attribute,… More

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