Nicole Mors


Nicole is a highly caffeinated designer with a serious weakness for all things cute, including but not limited to: babies, baby animals and Grumpy Cat.
While Nicole started out in print design, she has always considered herself a “designer who codes”. She found her niche at Cloud Four where she creates design systems, pattern libraries, and gets to tinker away designing in the browser. When faced with a design challenge she thinks big picture, then breaks it down into the small details to create immersive and compelling digital experiences.

Nicole considers herself a perpetual learner and loves how the ever changing web affords her the opportunity to indulge her curiosity and continue to learn.
Her most recent pursuits have been learning JavaScript and buying books she won't get around to reading.

Latest Articles

The Year of the Ugly Unicorn

I have always considered myself a “designer who codes”. I enjoy that aspect of the web, even while in a purely visual design role. Not too long ago, in a previous visual design position I was in, I had a…

Element Collages… are FUN!

After documenting our collective inspiration in the form of Mood Boards, our next design exercise for the redesign of was Element Collages. We used a few points of reference before starting our Element Collages. First was Dan…

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