Danielle Romo

Front-end Designer

Danielle is a front-end designer passionate about all things creative including design, art, and music. She began her career as a graphic designer and draws on her visual design skills to create engaging experiences for the web. She hasn't stopped learning since taking her first web design class and continues to develop her coding skills one web page at a time.

Outside of work, you can find her drawing, listening to true crime podcasts, or hiking the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Latest Articles

Component-Specific Design Tokens

In a recent project, I helped implement design tokens in an established design system. One of the more challenging parts of this work was updating the components to use design tokens. I learned a couple of things that might help…

Styling Complex Labels

Sometimes labels for form fields are short and to the point. But other times, it’s helpful to provide users with more detailed information. Consider the common pattern of selecting a pricing plan for a hypothetical service. To make…

Navigation for Design Systems and Style Guides

A key part of my job for the past year has been contributing to design systems. To benefit from those contributions though, users need to be able to find them. That’s why it’s not only the content of…

Get More For Less With Variable Fonts

I recently worked on a project where the topic of variable fonts came up when discussing typeface legibility. I had heard the term before, but I wasn’t quite sure what a variable font was. Curious, I did some digging and was excited…

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