Caleb Eby

Junior Front-end Developer

Caleb started learning to code in 4th grade. Before long, he became interested in making websites. He taught himself JavaScript through many abandoned side projects. He loves making tooling to make web development easier.

Caleb is a student at Whitworth University, majoring in Computer Science and Applied Physics. He also mentors two high school robotics teams (2147 and 2733), and loves teaching programming, physics, and engineering to high schoolers.

Latest Articles

Accessibility Tree Snapshots in Pleasantest

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added accessibility tree snapshots to Pleasantest. These snapshots incorporate important accessibility details into your tests, helping you to understand, track, and maintain the accessibility of your interfaces. We believe Pleasantest is the first testing…

Introducing Pleasantest

Pleasantest is a library that integrates with Jest to help you write UI tests that interact with real browsers. It uses Puppeteer to launch and control browsers, Testing Library to find elements on the page, and jest-dom to make assertions…

Depth Limiting and Path Filtering in Lighthouse Parade

In case you missed it, last month we released Lighthouse Parade, a CLI tool to automatically run and aggregate Lighthouse performance reports across an entire site. One of the most requested features has been the ability to limit…

Your bundled code deserves some attention too!

Development toolchains now have many more layers of tools than they did years ago. Because of this change, the JS code that runs in our users' browsers looks less like the original code we authored. Periodically checking the code…

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