Arianna Chau

Junior Designer

Arianna is a junior front-end designer and one of the newer members of the Cloud Four team. She likes to create, problem solve, and ask why. After completing the design course at the coding school, Epicodus, Arianna has been eating and breathing web design ever since.

Arianna is an avid plant mom, crystal hoarder, and video game addict. When she's not working, she's talking to someone, somewhere, about her dogs, Zelda and Callie, and her pet rats, Pixel and Mipha. She also loves to hike, crochet and take pictures. She will always be there to let you know when a dog is nearby or when a new Pokémon or Legend of Zelda game is on the way.

Working in the tech industry, Arianna spends a good amount of time on the internet. It just comes with the territory. She's easily reachable @vulpixies on Twitter or @ariannapikachau on Instagram.

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