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Deschutes Brewery is an Oregon institution, brewing craft beers since 1988. In 2011, Deschutes worked with Cloud Four and NORTH to redesign the Deschutes website, with the goal of allowing website visitors to find Deschutes brews nearby—wherever the website visitor happens to be. Because Deschutes brews are available nationwide, this meant combining geolocation (knowing where the user is, and where nearby Deschutes distributors are) with a mobile-friendly experience—because when you want a cold one, you want it now.

Find me a beer!

Mobile first, beer next

Deschutes performed extensive market research and it was clear that their customers had one major question: Where can I find Deschutes beer near me, even when I'm on the go? Because of this, from the start, the Deschutes website redesign was a "Mobile-First" project. Designs were created with the mobile user in mind, then adapted upwards to work for tablets and desktop browsers (the reverse of the old line model of taking an existing desktop website and scaling down for mobile).

The end result means that any user can now visit the Deschutes website and experience the full set of functionality: finding local brews, viewing nearby events, reading the blog, watching videos, and so on. By designing for the mobile user first, and optimizing for that experience, we provided a great solution for all users.

Device detected; brews located

We employed device detection to identify different types of devices as they hit the site (different flavors of mobile phones, tablets, and desktop browsers). Based on the device, our system delivers a tailored experience.

Geolocation is used to locate the site visitor (with permission, of course). By integrating various location and beer inventory APIs, we enabled the primary goal for Deschutes: a Brew Finder that shows the user nearby brews, as well as pubs and events in the area.

Retaining beautiful branding on the go

Deschutes also needed to retain their distinctive brand look and feel, while redesigning the site. We believe there's no need to sacrifice branding on mobile, so we created a streamlined look and feel in cooperation with branding agency NORTH. This look adapts to different screen sizes and device capabilities, delivering on the Deschutes brand on every possible device.

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